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Art & Design

Art and Design Subject Guide

Getting Started

The Essentials:

Student Card: Your TU Dublin ID card is your student / library card. Be sure to carry your card with you at all times as you will need it to access the library itself. You also need your library / student card to borrow books, laptops, etc. 

Borrowing: The library is divided into collections, some of which are Library-Use-Only, but most of which is called Main Lending. These main lending books can be borrowed for a period of time. There are restrictions on the amount of time they can be borrowed, and how many can be borrowed. Details can be found here.  

Renewing and/or Returning items: You may renew a 'main lending' book once only. There are restrictions such as someone reserving the book which might stop you from renewing, however.  If you need to return an item, you can do so at a self-service machine, or hand it in at the library service desk. 

Reserving a book: If a book you wish to consult is on loan, you can reserve it so that it is held for you on its return. Just click the "Request" icon on the catalogue and enter your TU Dublin Login to do so. You will get an email when it arrives for you. More information is available here.  

Library Guides : The library has created several guides to assist you in your studies in TU Dublin. These have information on critical thinking, plagiarism, advice on how to do your first assignment, and so on. Check them out: 

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