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Print Books

Browsing - many students browse the shelves for print books when first looking for information on a topic. Textbooks are arranged in order of 'call number' which is found on the spine of the book (e.g. 686- Printing or 709- Fine and Decorative Art). These numbers have been allocated according to the subject matter of the book. This means that books on a similar topic will usually be found together on the shelves. But you won't find everything you want this way. Searching the catalogue will find the rest.

Searching - the quickest way to find out if the library holds the book you need is to search the TU Dublin Library Catalogue. This will tell you where the textbook is located, the shelf number (call number) and if it's available to borrow or when it is due to be returned. The catalogue will also show if a book is available in Print or eBook format.

The Catalogue lists all of the print books (and other material) that the library holds. It will give location details and list how many copies of books etc. are available.

To find a specific book, search for the Title or Author to find a list. Use the drop-down arrows in the catalogue as shown here. 

To browse the catalogue, try a Keyword or Subject Search around your topic. Books containing information on a subject will be listed with other books containing similar information. But they may not be at the exact same call number. So be sure to note the entire number where you can find the material on the shelves. If you need any help using the catalogue or finding a particular book please ask a member of staff. 

See instructions below on how to search for books on the catalogue using keywords: 

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