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Reflective Practice & Reflective Writing

Reflective Practice

Reflective practice involves critically analysing and evaluating an instance within a specific or unique context.  It’s about learning from experiences by analysing and interpreting what happened and using that knowledge to shape how you react or deal with situations in future.

Reflection can happen at any time, either during an event, known as reflection-in-action or after an event, known as reflection-on-action.  It doesn’t have to be formal or documented as long as it adds to your learning.

Remember to reflect on positive and negative situations.  There are opportunities to learn from both so take a balanced approach to reflection.

Reflective practice can benefit your learning and professional development by allowing you to:

  • combine experience and knowledge to solve problems, absorb new skills or ideas to develop practice.

  • make sense of situations, theory or practice

  • develop critical thinking skills

  • engage in continuing professional develop

  • identify strengths and weaknesses in your own practice/behaviour

This a short video on reflective practice based on an interview with Dr Jennifer A Moon.

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0