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BA Visual Art (Sherkin Island) course (TU977)

Information for students of BA Visual Art (Sherkin Island) course (TU977)

BA Visual Art Students FAQs

Q: What are the library opening hours?

See our main library webpage for location opening hours.


Q: How do I find the book I want in the library?

To find the book that you are looking for go to the catalogue and search for the book by title or author. The result will tell you: 1. what library the book is in, 2. where it is on the shelf (call number), and 3. whether it is available or not. Take a note of the call number- this is how you will locate the book on the shelf. Each book has a call number (also known as 'class number' or 'Dewey number'). We use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to organise books by subjects. This means that you should find books on the same or similar subjects on the same shelf or nearby. Remember that there may be many different titles at the same call number so you will need to look for your specific title once you have found the area that the call number is in.


Q: How do I request a book to be sent down to Sherkin Island?

To request a book from TU Dublin, search for it on the catalogue and make a note of the Author, Title, Year of Publication, and Call number. Email quoting those details, and the BA Visual Art Liaison will search for your request on our shelves. Your request will be sent down with the next delivery of books to the island.


Q: How does the book collection and delivery Scheme for Sherkin work?

For information about this scheme please go to the BA Visual Art Home page above.
Please Note: The book collection and delivery scheme is currently suspended during Covid-19 restrictions.


Q: What do I need to borrow an item if I visit the library in person?

To borrow something from the library you need a valid student card. Simply present the card at the issue desk and we will issue the item to you. Books borrowed in person will be marked with the appropriate due date to coincide with the Sherkin return schedule.


Q: What if I want to use the Self Service machine?

To borrow a book touch the "Check Out" option on the screen and scan your ID card when asked. Open the book at the front page with the library barcode. Place the book in the 'V' and slowly move it forward until the red scanning light reads the barcode and you hear a 'clunk'. Press Finish. 

To return a book touch the "Check In" option on the screen. You will not need to scan your ID card to check items in. Open the book at the page with the library barcode. Place the book in the 'V' and slowly move it forward until the red scanning light reads the barcode and you hear a 'clunk'. Press Finish. Put returned books in the returns bin immediately adjacent to the self-service machine.


Q: What are the fines for overdue books?

We do not charge fines for overdue items. However, you will be unable to borrow additional items if any items on your account are overdue. 


Q: How do I access My Library Account online?

Go to MyLibrary on the catalogue to log in to your account. Enter your student/staff number and then your Library PIN as requested, and your account should open. Your library account holds all the information about what books you have out when they are due back, and what fines (if any) are owed. You can also place a hold on a book that is out on loan already. Find more information on accessing your MyLibrary account here.


Q: How do I log on to the computers in the library?

See Student IT Services for information on logging in to PCs, emails and so on. 


Q: How do I log on to the printers/photocopiers?

The printers/photocopiers are owned/managed by Datapac, not TU Dublin ICT services. Your username is your student/staff number and your Datapac PIN is a 4 digit number. If you haven't changed your Datapac PIN, or if it is your first time using the photocopying/printing service, your default PIN should have been e-mailed to you by Datapac once you are fully registered. More information about the photocopying/printing service is available here. If you have any difficulty with your Datapac printing/photocopying account, contact Datapac at or 087 6243514.


Q. How do I print / photocopy / get help with my Datapac account? 

See the Datapac Frequently Asked Questions webpage for details. 


Q: Can I print using my own mobile phone or laptop?

Yes. See these instructions on how to print:

Be sure to log in via the "Mobile Log in" option on the Datapac Printing page when sending an item to print. The plain "log in" option is to see your account and top up payments to it. 


Q: I think I have lost a book on my account, what do I do?

If you have lost a book that you borrowed, you will have to pay the cost of replacing the book. You should first have a good look at home/at college for the book as it may turn up. If it doesn't, come up to the issue desk and we can give you the exact replacement cost. Remember you will not be able to borrow any more items while you have items overdue on your account.


Q: How do I access the electronic resources from outside TU Dublin?

To access the databases, e-journals, e-books and any other electronic resources (including your library account) outside TU Dublin computers, you will need your Single Sign On details which are your TU Dublin student email address and the password for that email. 

A selection of our online resources requires unique usernames and passwords. These resources include databases and exam papers. See the Username and Passwords list on the library catalogue. 

NOTE: You will need your Single Sign On details (TU Dublin student email address and the password for that email) to view the list. 
Contact Library Staff if you have difficulty accessing a particular resource.


Q: How do I access e-books?

See Ebooks. You will need your student/staff ID number and library PIN to access the Ebooks from outside TU Dublin.


Q: I need help with the research for my assignment/dissertation, where should I start?

For help starting your research please see our Art and Design Subject Guides. The Research Process section has information on this. You can also attend one of our Information Sessions (you will be notified about dates), or email to arrange a one-on-one session on any aspect of the research process that you are having problems with.


Q: I want to look at an article/book/thesis that is not available in TU Dublin. What can I do?

See the Using Other Libraries section.


Q: The article/book  I want to read is not available in any Irish colleges, what can I do?

If you cannot find what you are looking for in TU Dublin or other nearby college libraries, then you can order the article or book on Inter-Library Loan. Inter-Library Loan is a service where we request a photocopy of a journal article or loan of a book for you from another library (usually from the British Library). There is a charge for this service. See Inter-Library Loans for more information.


Q: Can I use the library after I graduate?

Yes, you can use the library for reference purposes only after you graduate. To do this you need to first join the Graduate Network (free to join). If you want to be able to borrow books after you graduate you will need to join the library as an external reader. There is a discount on the annual fee if you've joined the Graduate Network. See Visiting Staff & Students section here for more information.